(475+) 1983-1999 Baseball and Insert Sets 
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A mountain of cardboard is present with this comprehensive (475+) 1983-1999 baseball base and insert set collection. Most sets grade in the (NM-MT) range with some better and others lesser. This gathering is accentuated by multiple key rookies and hundreds of challenging “chase” insert sets of the era. Highlights include Bowman: 1992 Bowman (Ramirez, Piazza, Rivera RC), 1995 Bowman’s Best (Guerrero, Jones RC); Leaf: 1990 Leaf (Sosa, Thomas RC); Fleer: 1994 Update (A. Rodriguez RC), 1994 Flair: Base, Wave of the Future (A. Rodriguez RC); 1997 Flair Showcase: Wave of the Future (Ortiz RC) and Upper Deck: 1994 SP (Rodriguez Foil RC). A hobby shop in itself, this amassment is ideal for the enterprising dealer. Due to size/volume, shipping and handling will be substantial. Local pick-up at our Silver Spring, Maryland office is encouraged. For a complete list of sets, please visit our website.

Topps/Bowman: 1991 Archives: Base, 1992 Bowman: Base, 1993 Stadium Club: Ken Griffey Jr. Master Photo, Series 1 Inserts, Series 2 Inserts, Frank Thomas Master Photo; 1994: Base, Black Gold, Traded, Finest Inserts; 1994 Bowman’s Best: Base, 1994 OPC: Base, All-Star Redemption; 1994 Stadium Club: Base, 1994 Archives: Base, 1994 Stadium Club: Dugout Dirt, Team Series Finest, 1995: Base, Cyberstats, Traded, Traded Power Boosters; 1995 Archives: Base, 1995 Finest: Base, 1995 Bowman’s Best: Base, 1995 Stadium Club: Clear Cut, Crunch Time, Ring Leaders, Super Skills, Virtual Reality; 1996: Base, Classic Confrontations, Masters of the Game, Profiles AL, Profiles NL, Wrecking Crew; 1996 Chrome: Base, 1996 Laser: Base, 1996 Bazooka: Base, 1996 Bowman: Minor League Player of the Year, 1996 Bowman’s Best: Base, Bowman’s Best Preview; 1996 Stadium Club: Mickey Mantle Retro, 1997 Bowman: Scouts Honor Roll, 1997: Base, All-Stars, Hobby Masters, Inter-League, Season ’s Best, Team Timber; 1997 Finest: Bronze, 1997 Stadium Club: Base, 1998: Etch-A-Sketch, 1999: Hall of Fame, New Breed;

Donruss/Leaf: 1983 Hall of Fame Heroes: Base, 1987: Base, 1987 Pop-Up: Base, 1990 Leaf: Base, 1993: Diamond Kings, Spirit of the Game; 1993 Leaf: Heading for the Hall, Frank Thomas; 1993 Triple Play: Nicknames, 1994: Base Series 2, Decade Dominators, Long Ball Leaders, MVPs, Spirit of the Game; 1994 Leaf: Base, Brokers, Gamers, Gold Rookies, Slideshow, Statistical Standouts, Frank Thomas Super; 1994 Leaf Limited: Base, Rookies; 1994 Studio: Base, Editors Choice, Heritage; 1994 Triple Play: Base, Bomb Squad, Medalists, Nicknames; 1995: Base, All-Stars AL, Bomb Squad, (2) Dominators, Long Ball Leaders, Mound Marvels; 1995 Leaf: Base, Bat Patrol, Gold; 1995 Leaf Limited: Base, 1995 Leaf Studio: Base, Gold; 1996: Freeze Frame, Long Ball Leaders, Round Trippers, Showdown; 1996 Leaf: All-Star MVP, Limited Rookies, Picture Perfect, Frank Thomas Greatest Hits, Total Bases; 1996 Leaf Limited: Base, 1996 Leaf Signature: Base, 1996 Leaf Studio: Hit Parade, Masterstrokes, Stained Glass; 1997: Base. Armed and Dangerous, Rated Rookies; 1997 Update: Dominators, 1997 Elite: Base, 1997 Leaf: Base, Knot-Hole Gang;

Fleer: 1988: Base, 1992: Roger Clemens, 1992 Ultra: Tony Gwynn, 1993: Base, Tom Glavine; 1993 Ultra: Atlantic, Dennis Eckersely, HR Kings, Performers, Strikeout Kings; 1994: All Rookie, All-Stars, Award Winners, Golden Moments, League Leaders, Lumber Company, Major League Hopefuls. Major League Prospects, Provisions, Rookie Sensations, Tim Salmon, Smoke & Heat, Team Leaders; 1994 Update: Base, Diamond Tribute; 1994 Flair: Base, Hot Numbers, Infield Power, Outfield Power, Wave of the Future; 1994 Ultra: Series 1 Base, (2) All-Rookie Team, All-Stars, (2) Award Winners, Career Awards, Firemen, Hitting Machine, HR Kings, League Leaders, Phillies, Rising Stars, Second Year Standouts, (2) Strikeout Kings; 1995: Base, (2) All-Fleer, All-Stars, Award Winners, League Leaders, Lumber Company, Prospects, (2) Pro Visions, Rookie Sensations, Rookie Update, Team Leaders, Update, Update Diamond Tribute, Update Headliners, Update Smooth Leather; 1995 Flair: Base, 1995 Skybox E-Motion: Base, Masters, Cal Ripken, Rookies; 1995 Ultra: Base, All-Rookies, All-Stars, (2) Award Winners, Dimensions, Golden Prospects, Hitting Machines, HR Kings, League Leaders, On-Base Leaders, (2) Power Plus, (2) Second Year, Strikeout Kings; 1996 Flair: Diamond Cuts, Powerline; 1996 Metal Universe: Heavy Metal, Mother Lode, Platinum Portraits, Titanium; 1996: Golden Memories, Lumber Company, Post-Season Glory, Road Warriors, Rookie Sensations, Smoke & Heat, Team Leaders, Tomorrow’s Legends; 1996 Update: New Horizons, (2) Smooth Leather, (2) Soaring Stars; 1996 Ultra: Call to the Hall, Diamond Produces, (2) Fresh Foundations, (2) Golden Prospects, On Base Leaders, Power Plus, Prime Leather, Rawhide, RBI Kings, Respect, (2) Rising Stars, Season’s Crown; 1996 Skybox E-Motion: D-Fense, N-Tense; 1997: Series 1 Base, 1997 Circa: Base, (2) Boss, Fast Track, Icons; 1997 Flair Showcase: Wave of the Future, 1997 Metal Universe: Base, Magnetic Field, Mining for Gold; 1997 Skybox E-X 2000: Star Date 2000, 1997 Ultra: Base, Checklists, Double Trouble, Golden Prospects, Power Plus, RBI Kings, Rookie Reflections, Season Crowns, 1997-1998: Golden Moments, Headliners, Million Dollar Moments, New Horizons, Rookie Sensations; 1998: Vintage 1963 Seires 1, 1998 Sports Illustrated: Art of the Game, (3) Covers, Editors Choice, Road to Cooperstown, Then & Now; 1998 Ultra: Artistic Talents, Back to the Future, Big Shots, Double Trouble, Kid Gloves;

Score: 1991 Score Cooperstown: Base, 1992 Pinnacle: Mickey Mantle, 1992 Pinnacle Rookies: Base, 1993 Pinnacle: Cooperstown, (2) Home Run Club, Slugfest, Team 2001; 1993 Score: Base, Cooperstown, Franchise, (2) Joe DiMaggio (blue, red), Dream Team, World Series, Carl Yastrzemski; 1993 Pinnacle: Joe DiMaggio, 1994 Score: Base, (2) Cal Ripken Jr.; 1994 Score Rookie & Traded: Base, 1994 Pinnacle: Base, Naturals. (3) New Generation, (2) Power Surge, Run Creators, Tribute; 1994 Select: Base, 1995: Base, 300 Club, (2) Cornerstones, Double Gold Champions, Gold Rookies, Great Gloves, Hall of Gold, Limited Opening Day, Rookie Dream Team, Frank Thomas; 1995 Pinnacle: Base, Upstarts; 1995 Select: Base, Certified; 1995 Sportflix: Detonators, 3D HR Team; 1995 Summit: Base, 1995 Zenith: Base, All-Star Salute, Samples; 1996 Pinnacle: Fan Fest, 1996 Pinnacle Aficionado: Slick Picks, 1996 Select: Team Nucleus, 1996 Select Certified: Base, Checklists; 1996 Sportflix: Hit Parade, 1996 Zenith: Base, Diamond Club; 1997 New Pinnacle: Base, 1997 Pinnacle: Base, 1997 Pinnacle Mint: (2) Base, 1997 Score: Base, Franchise, Pitcher Perfect; 1997 Select: Base, Tools of the Trade; 1997 Sport Flics: (2) Base; 1998 Score: All Score Team;

Upper Deck: 1990: Reggie Jackson Heroes, 1991: Hank Aaron Heroes, 1992: Johnny Bench/Joe Morgan Heroes, Best Hitters Future, Home Run Heroes, Willie Mays Heroes, (2) Nolan Ryan Heroes, Ted Williams Heroes, Scouting Report; 1993: Base, All-Time Heroes, Clutch Performers, Future Heroes, Home Run Heroes, Looss Collection, On Deck, Triple Crown Contenders; 1994: Base, All-Stars, American Epic, Diamond Collection, (2) Heroes, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan Scouting Report, Jumbo Checklists, Mickey Mantle Longshots,; 1994 Collector’s Choice: Base, (2) HR All-Stars, Team vs. Team; 1994 SP, 1995: Base, Award Winners Hobby, Checklists, League Leaders Predictors, Babe Ruth Heroes, Special Edition, Steal of a Deal; 1995 Collector’s Choice: Base, Special Edition; 1995 SP: Base, Championship, Classic Performances, Fall Classic, Platinum Power; 1995 UC3: Base, 1996: Hot Commodities, Lovero, Hideo Nomo Highlights, Cal Ripken Collection, Cal Ripken Supers; 1996 SP: Marquee Matchups, Matchups Blue, Special FX; 1996 SPX: Base, Bound for Glory, Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Piazza Tribute; 1997: Base, Hot Commodities, Solid Foundations; 1997 Collector’s Choice: Base, All-Star, Big Show, Premier Power; 1997 SP: Marquee Matchups, 1997 SPX: Silver, 1997 UD3: Base;

Other: 1985 Circle K, (2) 1988 K-Mart, 1990 Post, 1991 Barry Colla Ryne Sandberg, 1991 Kellogg’s, 1991 MLB Ken Griffey Jr: Base, 1992 Coca-Cola Nolan Ryan, 1992 French’s, 1992 Front Row Ken Griffey Jr.: Base, 1992 Megacards Ken Griffey Jr: Base, 1992 Procter & Gamble, 1993 Action Packed, 1993 Duracell, 1993 Ted Williams: Base, 1955 Dodgers, 1971 Pirates, Etched in Stone, Gardiner, Pogs, Brooks Robinson; 1994 Little Debbie, 1994 Post Cereal, 1994 Ted Williams: (2) Base, Etched in Stone, 500 HR Club, Gardiner. LP Cards, Locklear, Memories, Schmidt; 1997 Pacific: Base;

Near Sets: Donruss: 1994 Leaf: Clean Up Crew, MVP Contenders; Fleer: 1994: Game Breakers, Rookie Standouts, Second Year Stars; 1994 Ultra: RBI Kings, 1995 Update: Soaring Stars, 1995 Ultra: On Base Leaders, RBI Kings; 1996 Ultra: Golden Prospects Series 2; Upper Deck: 1996 Collector’s Choice: Crash the Game, 1997 Collector’s Choice: Crash the Game. 
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